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Artist and Filmmaker Clement Hil Goldberg creates films and animated works. Most recently they produced the award winning multi-filmmaker collaborative feature Valencia with author Michelle Tea that is presently touring the festival circuit. Valencia won the Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature at the 2013 Polari Film Festival and the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at Chicago Reeling 2013.


Based on Michelle Tea's novel of the same name, Valencia is a multi-filmmaker collaborative feature film that premiered to a sold out Castro Theatre at Frameline 2013. Valencia won the Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature at the 2013 Polari Film Festival and the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at Chicago Reeling 2013. Hilary directed Chapter 5 and produced the feature film with Tea.

StarringTanya Wischerath, Machete Mendías, Jaq Schmitz
Produced byShani Heckman
Original MusicJen Turner
Director of PhotographyIlona Berger
Festivals/ScreeningsFrameline, Outfest,Tampa International GLBT Film Festival, Seattle LGBT Film Festival, Polari Film Festival, Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Berlin Art Porn Film Festival, Olympia Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival, Chicago Reeling, MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, image + nation Montreal LGBT Film Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
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recLAmation is a feature length experimental film shot on Super 8 presented with live narration in which capitalism in contemporary Los Angeles is overthrown, and queer superheroes navigate a possible future. recLAmation illuminates connections between so-called private and public systems of oppression, and explores how worldview shifts caused by personal trauma can foster healing through social-justice art and activism. 66 Minutes / Various Timed Edits

StarringJoy Anderson, Clint Catalyst, Irina Contreras, Jessica Gudiel, and Jessica Hoffmann
Festivals/ScreeningsNational Queer Art Festival, in other words bookstore, Reed College, Olympia Public Library, University of Washington, Left Bank Books, Allied Media Conference, US Social Forum, Wesleyan University, Barnard, Bluestockings bookstore, Hampshire College, Food For Thought Books, Kelly Writers House, Interfem Conference, Uppsala Pride, Liz, Schwarzer Kanal, Oscar-Romero-Haus, University of Salzburg, aRtmosphere, University of Southern California, Echo Park Film Center, Periwinkle Cinema at ATA
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Transliminal Criminal

Transliminal Criminal is an exploration of outlaw gender and states of consciousness, extreme mental states, and liberation. Super 8 MM, Color / Black and Whilte - silent ExperiMental Film Collaboration

Co-directorsHilary Goldberg & Bonfire Madigan Shive
StarringMadigan Shive
ScoreBonfire Madigan Shive
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In the Spotlight

An aspiring author is offered the chance to be the front person for a literary hoax and discovers a far worse fate than rejection.

StarringMichelle Tea, Guinevere Turner and Clint Catalyst
ProducersCandi Guterres, Jasmine Marie Alhambra, and Eric Bassett
Original MusicEmily Wells
Festivals/ScreeningsInside Out Toronto, Frameline, Outfest, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Fresno Reel Pride, Women Make Waves Taiwan, Seattle Queer Film Festival, Reel Pride Michigan, American Cinematheque 3rd Annual Focus on Female Directors, Reel Women International Film Festival, Dark Arts Festival, Frederick Film Festival
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Beyond Lovely

Lovely (Guinevere Turner), a struggling psychic is contacted by Bruce B. (Vaginal Davis), an ambitious gay spirit bent on fulfilling his earthly desire for a gay tv show on a gay network.

StarringGuinevere Turner, Vaginal Davis, Katrina Phillips, and Dinah Lee
ProducerCesar Vega
Original MusicChristopher Anderson-Bazzoli
Festivals/ScreeningsOutfest, Frameline, Women Make Waves Festival Taiwan, Decafest New Orleans, Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, NewFest NYC, Milan Internalional Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Fresno Reel Pride, Austin GLBT Film Festival, Seattle LGBT Film Festival, Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, Mix Brasil Film and Video Festival
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Two weeks after a deadly virus is released into the atmosphere, a group of diverse friends struggle to survive beyond the lack of food, despondent pirate radiobroadcasts, a suicide wish, and a stalker.

StarringJames Burkhammer, Tracey Leigh, Katrina Phillips, and Naropa Sabine
ProducersChristina Hulen and Jeff Perlmutter
Original MusicJen Turner
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Render: Spanning Time with Ani DiFranco

A documentary recorded over five years both on the road and in the studio with folksinger Ani DiFranco. Hilary Goldberg directed and edited the film along side collaborator Ani D, and with over 600 hours of video and Super 8 footage to edit, there was a lot to render. Along the way, the viewer can marvel at the stunningly deconstructed landscape of Buffalo, NY, and meet some incredible lawyers from The Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta. Live shows and behind the scenes footage coalesce with political inspiration and creation.

Released ByRighteous Babe Records
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Katastrophe "Big Deal"

A creative retelling of June 3, 1968,when artist Andy Warhol was shot by the writer Valerie Solanas. In this play on the Warhol Superstar Factory complete with glitter blood, hip-hop artist Katastrophe fills Andy's shoes and director Hilary Goldberg cameos as Solanas. Shot on Super 8 film with a colorful ensemble cast including Clint Catalyst, Audrey Kitching, and Dirk Mai, Big Deal pays homage to one of the darkest moments in pop culture history.

Directed & EditedHilary Goldberg
Director of PhotographyAlison Kelly
Festivals/ScreeningsFrameline, Homoagogo, Cheris Cheris Paris LGBT Film Festival, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Cinebeats

Timmy Straw "Victorville"

Created byHilary Goldberg